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I Plumbing Service 


There are a lot of reasons why plumbing is a crucial component of home renovation and décor-

  • Plumbing is essential for the proper operation of fixtures such as sinks, toilets, showers, and faucets. With broken plumbing, even the most mundane tasks become more of a challenge.

  • Proper plumbing is a must for maintaining a clean and hygienic living area. Appropriate sewage and drainage systems are necessary to prevent health hazards.

  • Improved water utilization, reduced expenses, and less water waste are all possible outcomes of modern plumbing technology and fixtures.

  • It is possible to improve the room's attractiveness by choosing fixtures like sinks and faucets that complement the room's design.

Everyday chores may be made more enjoyable with the addition of rain showers and water warmers.


Among the many plumbing-related aspects in Indian house renovations are:

  • There are a lot of plumbing-related aspects that may be upgraded during an old home renovation in India to make it more efficient and up-to-date.

  • Leaks and poor water quality may be caused by outdated or corroded pipes in older houses. Replacing these pipes with newer, stronger materials will increase the reliability of the plumbing system.

  • You may reduce your water use and utility bills by putting in water-saving fixtures like low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets.

  • Making sure there is excellent drainage is crucial in areas that get heavy rains often. In order to prevent floods and waterlogging, drainage systems should be installed or upgraded.

  • Improve cleanliness and prevent sewage backlogs by upgrading sewage systems. Sewage ejector pumps may be required in certain situations.

  • Changing out outdated or inefficient water heaters with newer, more efficient models is a great way to increase the availability of hot water and decrease energy expenses.

Installing water filtration or purification systems ensures that safe drinking water is always available.


What an estate contractor and interior designer can do to help-

  • As a home remodeler and general contractor, we might have a major impact on the efficiency of the plumbing system.

  • We examine the existing plumbing system to identify any issues and ways to enhance it.

  • In order to enhance the visual appeal of your space, we ensure that all plumbing fixtures and fittings complement the overall architectural scheme.

  • We recommend putting in water-efficient fixtures and technologies to cut down on water consumption and utility bills.

  • To reduce the likelihood of leaks and other issues, we oversee the installation and guarantee the utmost quality in all plumbing tasks.

  • We may take care of replacing the home's outdated plumbing systems, including pipes and equipment.

Our project adheres to IS 2065 (1983): Code of practice for water supply in buildings to ensure safety and compliance.

As an interior designer, Estate Contractor might serve as your dependable partner in improving your plumbing system throughout home renovations, ensuring that it works effectively, complements your design aesthetic, and complies with all safety and regulations.

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