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Improve Your Home with Professional Interior Design Services

The professionals at Estate Contractor know how to give homes a complete makeover through high-quality remodeling services. In addition to painting and structural repairs, our trained crew focuses on waterproofing. Building maintenance, transformation, and protection services are all included in our comprehensive offerings. These services range from improving the building's beauty to upgrading the building's structural strength.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we modify our building repair services to cater to each client's specific functional and aesthetic requirements. Our skilled building painters bring color and vitality to interiors and exteriors, making them vibrant expressions of style. In order to protect your structure from water damage and dampness, our waterproofing solutions are designed to provide protection.

You may trust Estate Contractor to renovate your building in an economical, efficient and dependable manner. Emergency repairs and waterproofing are among our many building protection services. Find out how you may improve the height of your structure with our assistance right now.


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At Estate Contractor, we specialize in making homes look brand new by providing full renovation services.


Our goal is to realize your idea via superb craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail. The architects, interior designers, and remodeling experts on our team can manage every facet of your project.


Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? We can create a unique plan that fits your needs and tastes. We aim to build modern, attractive, and useful living environments that reflect your personality.


We oversee the installation of windows, plumbing, and electrical work as part of a home redesign, guaranteeing a smooth and aesthetically pleasing transition, all driven by our commitment to perfection. The journey that you will take with Estate Contractor will be an amazing one, and you will be able to see the transformation of your property yourself.

Interior decoration Services

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Offering stylish and functional kitchen solutions

bathroom renovation.webp


Create a Bathroom Sanctuary



Plumbing solutions that are dependable and efficient for the interior

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Beautiful False Ceiling Designs Will Upgrade Your Room

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Tiling, PU Flooring, Marble Flooring, and Granite Flooring Will Change Your Space

electrical wiring.webp


Interior electrical solutions that are reliable and safe

bedroom remodelling.webp


Personalise Beds, Cupboards, and Bedside Tables for Your Bedroom

Building Repair Services on Demand

building painting.webp


Waterproofing, repair, and painting services provided by professionals to completely transform your building

building floring.webp


Flooring options include PU, Kota stone, and concrete blocks.

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Professional Building Waterproofing and Restoration

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The waterproofing of terraces

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you tell me about the many kinds of house interior remodeling services that you provide in Kolkata?
    Estate Contractor provides a wide variety of home interior renovation services in Kolkata, including remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms, installation of flooring, painting, improvements to electrical and plumbing systems, and the creation of customized cabinets, among other services. We can meet all of your requirements for refurbishment. Find us on google -
  • Approximately how much time does it take to complete a standard home improvement project?
    The length of time required to complete a home interior remodeling project might vary based on the extent of the work and the level of difficulty involved. The timeframe may be affected by a variety of factors, including the size of the area, modifications to the design, and the availability of materials. During the consultation phase, we offer an estimate of the timetable for the current project. You may get in touch with us if you want to talk about a project. Visit our website - Home interior services| estatecontractor | kolkata
  • Would you be able to work within my budget for the project of renovating the inside of my home?
    We couldn't agree more! We at Estate Contractor know how important it is to keep our customers' spending under control. We provide customized plans that are flexible enough to adapt to your budget without sacrificing style or quality. Affordable solutions and clear pricing will be provided by our staff.
  • How do I begin house interior renovation?
    Starting is simple! Just contact Estate Contractor to set up a meeting. In the consultation, we'll review your remodeling objectives, preferences, and budget. From design thoughts to project execution, our professionals will assist you.
  • Can you assist me plan my house interior renovation?
    Without a doubt! If you are looking for help conceptualizing a plan for an interior redesign of your house, the skilled designers at Estate Contractor are at your service. To make our customers' dreams a reality, we collaborate closely with them, learning their story and offering sound guidance along the way.
  • Do your contractors possess valid licenses and insurance?
    Indeed, each of our contractors possesses the requisite credentials and training to operate as a licensed professional. Additionally, throughout the renovation process, we maintain comprehensive insurance coverage to safeguard our clients and provide peace of mind.
  • Could you provide examples of your previous Kolkata home interior renovation projects?
    Unquestionably! Estate Contractor offers a portfolio that highlights the house interior remodeling projects that we have completed in and around Kolkata in the past. In the course of the consultation, we will be more than pleased to provide you with these samples, which will enable you to see the level of quality in our work as well as the attention to detail that we pay. Read More >>
  • When compared to other house interior remodeling services in Kolkata, what distinguishes Estate Contractor from the competition?
    Estate Contractor stands out because we are dedicated to quality, pay close attention to detail, and make sure our customers are happy. We put an emphasis on good work, clear communication, and giving our clients amazing results that make their homes look completely different. Our personalized method makes sure that your remodeling goes smoothly.
  • Are warranties and post-renovation support services available?
    It is our firm belief at Estate Contractor that each and every one of our clients should be completely satisfied. Support and guarantees on our work are available once the refurbishment is complete. Our committed staff will respond quickly to any concerns you may have after the restoration and work tirelessly to resolve them to your complete satisfaction.
  • In Kolkata, how can I get in touch with Estate Contractor to plan the interior restoration of my house?
    It is simple to get in touch with Estate Contractor! By filling out the form on this page, you may get in touch with us by phone or email. Our helpful staff is standing by to provide answers to any questions you may have, to arrange a consultation with you, and to provide assistance in making your aspirations of home improvement a reality.

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